Organizing Children's Rooms

Children's rooms are sometimes one of the most disorganized rooms in the house. I only had one child, a girl. She is extremely sentimental and likes to keep everything she has ever been given (including a piece of the wrapping paper her gifts came in). I'm sentimental myself, but realize you have to have some limits.

Organizing Children's Rooms #organize #clutter :

Organizing Children's Rooms

If your child is very young, then as the parent you take full control of what goes and what stays. Once your child reaches an age where they are becoming sentimental, I would include the child in making the decisions, but let him/her know that the final decision will be yours. This lets them feel they are a part of the organization and will most likely try to keep their room organized.

Here's a few things you could do to organize their room (whether small or large):

  • Toys - Baskets or drawers under the bed, in a corner, or the closet. Somewhere for easy child access. Be sure to let them know it is their responsibility to keep their toys put away when not in use. If it is left out, you will put it away for a certain amount of time. In the case of too many toys, I would separate them and exchange them out twice a year or whatever is comfortable for your family. Most homes have attic space. Purchase a large plastic container with a lid and place toys in it and put it up in the attic for a while. If your child likes stuffed animals and has lots of them, buy a net to hang up in a corner of their bedroom near the ceiling. Try to get them involved in giving to those less fortunate. Children have a huge heart and most are very willing to part with something they have two of and share with another child if explained to them in a loving manner.
  • Books and knick-knacks - have your husband put up some shelves in the room or buy a bookcase that will fit somewhere in the room.
  • Clothes - If the child has outgrown some clothes and are in good condition, consider donating them to someone that has a need. Baby clothes that are to be kept for future children or sentimental reasons can be put away in an attic also. Recently, I have been in the mindset that we really have too much stuff and have been giving to an organization in our area called Sharing and Caring. Most all items in the store sell for $1. This is extremely beneficial to the lower income families or to families that have come into a hardship. I have been giving away clothes that I just don't need or have been holding onto because I hope to fit into again one day. If it doesn't fit and you haven't worn it in the past year, get rid of it! It will surely fit someone in need.
  • TV's, Video Games, Computers, etc... I really don't feel these should be in a child's room unless you are extremely vigilant in keeping up with what they are watching and playing or have time limits and parental locks/controls.
  • Papers - Try a scrapbook for special school papers or awards. (Don't keep every paper your child ever writes or you will be overwhelmed.)
    Another idea is to take a picture of something and write about it and put it in a scrapbook, then give the item away.

Always ask yourself - "Do I really need this?" "Could someone else use it?" If not, throw it in the garbage.

Just remember that it is the home God has bestowed to you as a steward. Children should be taught and expected to help keep the home clean and neat while they are living with you. When you teach them this principle while they are very young and show them by your example, you will have instilled in them a wonderful gift. They will learn that no matter where they live during their lifetime, they should take care in its keeping in order to honor God. It teaches responsibility and this can be taught at a very young age.

Less is truly more. You will feel free when the clutter is gone!



  1. Amen to this! A very important part of the home..that many do not realize. One as you said...the PARENTS KNOW what is coming and going in the house...second this helps children focus. What I mean a teacher I found many students who were very disorganized and could not for one "focus" on their lessons, neatness and time expected. One student in particular had NO chores. I spoke with his mom about giving him a few (First grade) and expect a time limit. Sure enough this child began to function much better, finished papers on time and neatly! Children need and want (though they don't know it ;)...guidelines, direction and understanding of WHY.

    I taught my five children these principals and also if an emergency arose our home was in order! People couldn't believe how neat our home stayed with 5...but order, principal and respect had a lot to do with it. We had a peaceful home as well.

    Thanks for a greatly needed post.

    It does make a differenc in your home.


  2. I read this yesterday, but didn't have much time to comment, so thought I'd come back today and thank you for this post.
    I have three boys, and as much as I have tried to organize their rooms, they sure have a way of disorganizing it! Over the years, I've just accepted that my opinion of 'cleaned up' and theirs is never going to match!


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