Thoughts on Being a Hostess

For many hospitality and being a good hostess comes naturally. But for some of us it's not our cup of tea.  Whether you are a natural hostess or a reluctant hostess these thoughts are perfectly timed for the season.

Thoughts on being a hostess

This time of year as we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas, many of us go into hyper-gear. We get into the mindset of "Got to get this done"..."NOW!" We anticipate family and friends and try to do and be all things to everyone. We want everything perfect. Then when the time comes to fellowship with everyone, we are exhausted and have that feeling creep upon us wishing it were all over.

These days many of us are wanting plain simplicity. Might I suggest a few things to make life a little easier for you?

  • Don't try to out-do the "Joneses". Be yourself.
  • Use what you have to decorate the table. Don't have a nice tablecloth? Use a sheet or don't use anything at all! Put some fruit into a clear glass bowl for your centerpiece.
  • Clean as you go along in the kitchen, saving time afterwards to enjoy your company.
  • Prepare snacks and meals that you are comfortable with. Don't try new recipes at this time.
  • Put on some soothing music to calm the nerves and keep a sweet atmosphere in your home.
  • Don't forget to smile. :)
  • Just be yourself and let things go that don't have to be taken care of right away and enjoy your company. Many spend so much time doing that their company is ready to leave before you're ready to sit down with them.
  • The main thing is to never forget that the people who are visiting you are the most important part. People will soon forget what they ate and what your house looked like, but they don't forget what sweet fellowship they had with you.

Remember why we celebrate these holidays and integrate this into your celebrations. JESUS!

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  1. I love the photo!We don't do a lot of holiday's usually just our kids and grandkids, so there's not a lot of stress. We've already had our Thanksgiving in October, so we have a longer stretch before Christmas. I can't imagine having them a month apart....One big long holiday season!
    Thank you for all the work you put into this blog.


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