When Mamas Prays

As Christian mothers, it is our responsibility to pray for our children. Even before they are conceived, our children should be prayed for because God hears our prayers. No matter what stage of life they are in, they need our prayers. Wonderful things can happen when Mamas Pray.

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The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. James 5:16

When Mama Prays

As I was reading, I came across an article about a Mother's prayers. Even though we pray for our children and we think our prayers are in vain - just remember they are depending on our prayers. We can't let up.

I speak of older children who have left home already. Just because they are grown doesn't mean our responsibility is over. Now more than ever we need to build a wall of prayer about them. We may think at times they don't need us, they have forgotten all they were taught, they go their own way. That might be so, but hold on! They will need you and we need to be in a position to help them. I know they can find every excuse under the sun why they don't go to church. I could list you several excuses that one of my children has used. But the real issue is: They don't want to face and own up to their own rebellion.

If we sit around wondering what we have done wrong - we will never be in a position to help them. We made mistakes. So what, every mother has! Just put them in the past and move on. Keep on praying! I know from experience when they are really in need they will ask us to pray. My first prayer in the morning is for the Lord to keep His Hand on our children. My last prayer at night is the same thing! I tell them almost every time I talk to one of them that I love them. I don't try to tell them certain things because the Lord can do that better than I can.

They know we pray for them. That is the main thing! I got a e-mail from someone I did not know asking me to pray for a situation she was in. I assured her that I would pray. I even had ask her how she knew to e-mail me. I knew she was sincere. She had to get my e-mail address from somewhere. She told me that my oldest daughter, who has been away for a number of years, told her I was a prayer warrior. Now I surely don't claim to be a prayer warrior, but I needed to know how my daughter felt at that time. I don't think I could ask for a better thing to be said. As I am writing this it makes me realize how much more I need to pray. I mean real intercessory prayer. Pray until! Most of us do not know what intercessory prayer is. May the Lord help all of us in our prayer life. After all, that is where the battle is won.

I found this in an old newspaper and it sums up what I'm trying to say.

When Mama Prays

U.S. soldiers had just captured a strategic area from the enemy and were determined to raise the U.S. flag atop the highest point. The Sgt. sent one man to do the job only to see him shot down by snipers. He sent the second and third, all with the same result. Then he said, "Men, I need a volunteer. I don't have the heart to command anyone else to go as we have already lost three men to the enemy fire."
One young man stood up and said, " Hey Sarge, I'll put that grand old flag high in the air wherever you want it raised, but I'll have to wait till 4 pm." The Sgt., somewhat curious as to why it had to be done at 4 pm, agreed till that time. At exactly 4 P.M. the soldier was there, took the flag and staff in his hand and started for the hilltop. Snipers began firing at him from the enemy lines, shells whizzed through the air but none ever came near the soldier and he came off the hill leaving Old Glory flying high in the air.

Surprised, the Sgt. said, "Soldier, how did you do it and why did you have to wait till 4 P.M.?" "Well Sarge, said the soldier, "You see, when I went to the army my Mother said, "Son, I'll pray for you every chance I get, but rest assured of this one thing, regardless of what I am doing, I'll stop it all at 4 pm every day and pray for you. That is a promise you can fully depend on. And, Sarge, heaven sure does listen when my Mama prays."

Wouldn't that be the best thing that could be said of a Mother? Heaven sure does listen when Mama prays!  

May God help us to be prayer warriors. It will take time, effort, and determination.



  1. Amen! Wonderful post Aliene! May we all be more faithful in praying for our children.

  2. Oh thank you! I cannot tell you thank you enough! I sat here reading this post with Brahm's lullaby playing in the background from a Christmas tape. Need I mention tears? O God help us to be faithful to our children! Much love in Christ, Margaret from The Salt Box

  3. Aliene...this was such a timely and wonderful post. I too pray daily for my children...all gone from home. I know that they are in the LORD's care...but I know he expects me to still pray and in faith trust his care and the work he must do in each of their lives.
    No matter how long...we must continue and never give up.

    What a joy for you to know your child...knows! you are a prayer warrior! A wonderful testimony to them.

    Our daily care now becomes..daily prayer.

    God bless you and thank you for the encouraging post.


  4. Aliene,
    Great post! I could so much identify with it! You are so right....when our children are grown and gone, all we can do is pray for them.

    Several years ago my daughter was to have some out-patient surgery and I drove her to the hospital over an hour from home. She was already living on her own at the time. When we got to the hospital and she was prepped and ready to go to surgery, she handed me a book she had bought especially for me to have to read while she was in surgery. The title was, "When Mothers Pray". She said...."I know you pray for all us kids everyday!" That was such a blessing to me!

    And the story you wrote about the soldier.....I think someone has that in a song. They used to play it on our local Christian radio station while our oldest son was a Marine deployed to Iraq. It would make me cry. When he came back from his 1st deployment over there he was asked to speak at the church where my younger son goes. They recorded it and gave me a copy. I cried as I heard my son say that he remembered as a child getting up in the mornings and seeing me sitting at the kitchen table praying or reading my Bible. He said that as he sat atop one of the first tanks prepared to roll across the border of Iraq he was glad that he had on all the body armor but was more glad that he had the assurance that his Mama was praying for him at home.

    What a blessing God has given us to be able to talk with Him each day!

    God bless you!



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