I Saw Jesus In You

In every situation, people watch us. Many times God places us in the perfect place and time so another can see Jesus. No matter who we are or what our situation is are we living a life so others can say,"I saw Jesus in you"?  If we are not, we need to consider we may be the only Bible others see.

As I sit and contemplate about a past weekend, I realize how untypical it was, but it was ministry related none the less. We took a trip to Madrid with the Gijón Mariners American Football team for their first and only play off game against the Madrid Osos (bears). I had the privilege of driving two of the girlfriends down as well. We have known them for a few years but there was not much opportunity out side of the games to get to know them well. I was looking forward to the 5 hour drive to ask them about their lives and to spend quality time with them.

I saw Jesus in You

I was not disappointed. They were very open and we all had wonderful conversations. Neither one asked me about what we believe but I pray my love for the Lord came through in all that I said. I did not get to share scripture or witness as such, but I spoke of God and His guidance in my life whenever the opportunity arose. I pray so much that they could see Jesus in me. I am burdened greatly for these two girls who need Jesus in their lives and for their boyfriends.

My dear Hubby, continues to be a great testimony to these guys. He is there for them, and they love and respect him. We pray that in time they too will see their need for the Savior.

I saw Jesus in You

Here is an excerpt from an email my Hubby wrote to a fellow missionary here in Spain about the day. It touched me so much not only because I was there and I know how the game went, but also because of the time invested in their lives. (sorry for all the football lingo, but It's great stuff for those that know the game.)

"This playoff game would truly measure if we are worthy to run with the big teams. We had blowout losses to all the big teams (Osos, Valencia Firebats, L´Hospitalet Pioneers, and Badalona Dracs), and our wins were against easy teams. Beating Osos would give us recognition among the top teams.

It was hot on the field and we were going on all cylinders in the first half. We got a half time lead 17-7. We had a great game plan. Ever since we changed from cover 2 and 3 to man to man and me as free safety reading, teams haven´t been able to burn us with the pass. And we have a good run defense. I got my first post season interception against our former QB who used to throw me passes when I was RB.

We knew Osos was a team with a lot of pride and would come out hitting hard in the second half, and boy did they. Smashmouth Redskins, Steelers type football. We caused a 3 and out their first drive of the second half, but they pinned their punt on our 1 yard line. With the pressure, our RB fumbled in the endzone and the Osos D recovered it TD - a huge momentum swing. About two drives later, the Osos, whose pass game we stopped all game caught our corner back beat on a rout. Duran pump faked me to one side and hit that open receiver with a bomb on the side line, I ran him down and he cut inside of me, inside another DB and TD. Two big plays in the 3rd quarter and long drives in the 4th. Our offense would drive to the red zone, and would either fail to score or penalize itself out of field goal range.

Final score Osos 31, Mariners 17. When the season was on the line, Osos willed their way to the next round and we crumbled under the pressure - hats off to them! Our guys were sad, emotional, kind of re-living Friday Night Lights, some of them not returning next year. I was happy to think about Sunday and serving the Lord. Praying that these guys will find true joy living as a child of God.

Football for me next year? I don´t know. I feel like I´m in better shape than previous years and understand more and more the safety position, but hits are getting harder and harder and I´m feeling it more and more. I don´t want to stop the physical fitness and football gives me a reason not to. I got in to a good lifting program last year in the States and have kept it up since. Plus, I know that guys who have stopped playing pretty much loose contact with the team. We still have many meaningful witness opportunities to these young people. Danielle drove a couple of the girlfriends to the game in our van and had opportunities to share with them. They are opening up more to her. Danielle wants me to continue. I think after some rest I´ll be ready to get back in for another season."

This is a personal letter, but it gives some insight into my hubby and the ministry that we are involved in. It's one on one. It's day in day out. We may not see much fruit right now or even in a year or two, but we pray daily that they may say one day "I saw Jesus in you".

For the Harvest,
Dani Joy @ Be Strong Evangelism Ministries


  1. It is nice to get to know your personal life side a little more! However,as you know, when your serving the Lord, all sides run together. They are all about leading others to the Lord---even through football.

    I love football. Well, I love to be at the games. Watching it on tv is just okay.

  2. Isn't it amazing how God can use even a football game to serve Him and to minister to others?

    It is so true that we are to do everything "as unto the Lord" because He can use it all for His glory!


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