Never Give Up

Life is hard. Everyone experiences things in life that are unpleasant.  No matter what it is, we are not going through it alone.  There are times when it feels like we are alone, but know we are not.  With God anything is possible. Because of Him, we should never give up.
Christian Ladies Network: Never Give Up!

Never Give Up!

One Sunday morning our big black dog named Blackie ran off like he was chasing a varmint of some kind and didn't come back for three days. Sadly, we had really just about given up on ever seeing him again. 

During that time our six-year-old granddaughter  was visiting and it made her extremely sad that Blackie was not here for her to “leash” as she LOVES to take him walking with her on our long driveway. At one point while we were in the kitchen she looked over at me and said, “I’m just going to ask God to find Blackie and bring him back!” I told her that was a great idea and that in fact I had already been doing that. I’m absolutely sure she prayed for him that day. So when Blackie showed up, my granddaughter was one of the first persons I got in touch with to share the good news! I saw her later in town and she was grinning from ear to ear!

We think that poor Blackie got into a trap according to how his front paws look. He was missing some fur on both paws but they don’t seem to be raw or sore. Benny thinks that probably whoever owns the traps let him go that day when they checked them. I don’t think he had had anything to eat since that Sunday because he looked so thin and was so hungry ! I put a mixture of canned dog food and dry dog food in his bowl and went inside to get him some clean cool water. When I got back outdoors, he had licked his bowl clean and was whining for more! So I filled it up again! After that he seemed satisfied and ready to stretch out and take a nap in the sunshine. You could just look at him and see that he was tired of where he’s been and so ready to be home to rest, be fed, and loved!

I started thinking about people who are in much the same shape as our Blackie was. They want freedom so badly that they run as fast as they can away from those who love and care about them and try to find pleasure in a far country. Some may be teens who have run away from home wanting to have more freedom to do as they please. Some may be grownups who have run away from a marriage hoping to find greener grass on the other side of the fence. When will we ever learn that most of the time the greenest grass you will find is growing over the top of a sewer!

Most of us have either been involved in running away from something we thought was tying us down or else we have friends or family who have run away. Maybe not really physically run away but they have become involved with things that have changed their lives drastically and not in a good way. Perhaps a defiant flirtation has thrown someone into leaving their spouse and children. Maybe a drug or alcohol addiction has taken its toll on body and soul. 

Running away can involve a multitude of things. Blackie thought he was getting his freedom when he took off running.. But actually he was unknowingly headed as fast as he could go towards what could have been his death. Even though he didn’t die, it most likely was the worst thing that’s ever happened to him! Sadly, when we run from God thinking we want the freedom the world gives, we’re actually headed as fast as we can toward destruction!

What is the answer? Just turn our backs and pretend we don’t see our friend, parent, child, spouse or ourselves getting ready to run? No. Never give up if you or someone you love is running from God’s best for them. As long as there is breath in their body, there is hope. Don’t give up

My granddaughter never gave up on Blackie. She just turned it over to God.  We need to remember that with God all things are possible! There are problems and situations in our lives that we have just about given up on but we must see there’s still hope!

I love the song "He is Able to Deliver Thee". The chorus is a great reminder for us to not give up.
He is able to deliver thee,
He is able to deliver thee;
Though by sin oppressed, go to Him for rest;
Our God is able to deliver thee.

I’ve seen this God ordained deliverance many times in my life. And when it happens to you, or to someone you love, just like our Blackie is so happy to be back where he belongs and is safe and cared for, you will also be so happy to be back under the safe care of the Saviour who loves us so!

So never give up! Deliverance may be only hours away!

Marilyn at Walking in Truth

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  1. Thank you for sharing these posts. I don't get here regularly, but when I do, I'm always encouraged!


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