Two Things Making Women Equal With Men Will Do

In today's world, many of us are considered old fashioned in our thinking. When it comes to old time teaching for women, the feminists have labeled it as out dated. While they want to be considered an equal or more superior, there are those of us who don't feel the need for that type of advancement. We feel the need to live the role God intended for us.

If I don't understand why any woman would feel the need to prove herself as good as a man, am I old fashioned?  Or if I feel like being a woman is a ton better than being a man?  Why would I want to be logical anyway?  I rather like looking on the world with my emotional mind set. Can you imagine how harsh the world would be if women and men were all logical? 

I love the story of the gentleman who opened a door for a woman he didn't know.  The woman became angry at his gesture and began to tell him in a very loud, rude way that she was not weak and she most certainly did NOT need his help opening the door.  The man replied in a strong, yet polite way, "Ma'am, I didn't open that door for you because you are a lady.  I opened that door for you because I am a gentleman!" And that he was - a true gentleman.  And she?  A dis-graceful, un-thankful Moron!  (just say'n...)

Two Things Making Women Equal With Men Will Do

It ruins families. The relationship we have with our husband will be destroyed. He is naturally programmed to be the leader and the stronger of the two. The relationship with our children will be destroyed. We will have trained our daughters to follow suit and prove to the world that they, too, are better than or at least equal with their husbands. Our boys marry women just like their mothers because that is the kind of wife they've seen while growing up. Which would be setting them up to fail.

It lessens who we are. The role of the woman becomes cheap. Ladies are not treated like ladies anymore.  Men are afraid that they'll be yelled at for being a gentleman because it's demeaning to women.

Men don't hold their tongues anymore in front of ladies, because these so-called ladies use worse language and speak of vile things just to prove that they are what Manly?  Strong?  Intelligent?  

I must be old fashioned, because I can't figure out why in the world any woman would want to act like, think like or look like a man at all.

I do my best to make my daughters proud of being girls.  I want them to enjoy it.  They should be as feminine as they can possibly be.  Not mousey and silly.  Not flirty half-whits, but lady like, feminine, gentle, caring, loving, wise, decisive and submissive all at the same time.

I want them to know how to make wise, thoughtful decisions for themselves, and yet, know when, how, and to whom they should be submissive.  When it's time to laugh, they should most certainly know how to have fun and make the best of the life that they have been given. 

We were created to be our husband's help meets.  We were not told to go and be the same as them.  Nor were we told to go and make them look like idiots so that we can look better, smarter, or more intelligent.  In fact, we can make our husbands look better by submitting and honoring them, and when it's all said and done WE end up looking better too.  Our husbands will depend on us more, trust us better, and look forward to being with us more often when we are feminine, lady like and submissive.

In God's eyes we are equal to our husbands.  We are just as important as they are.  But we have a much different role.  A role I happen to love.  I wouldn't trade my place as wife and stay-at-home mama for the world!  I guess I'm just old fashioned.  

Angela @ Hidden Treasures

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  1. That was a great story! I love being a woman and feel no need to compete with a man.

    Love this post!


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