Going Back - Little Things Along the Way

Do you ever wish you could go back and be a little child again and be under your Mom and Dad's protection and care? Why is it that we don't really understand why they had certain guidelines and rules for the home until we get older and are raising our own children?

Going Back - Little Things Along the Way

Going Back - Little Things Along the Way

Hear, ye children, the instruction of a father, and attend to know understanding. For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not my law. (Proverbs 4:1-2)

I am grateful for a good heritage! We were not a rich family, but as I look back we were rich, indeed! We had parents that cared about us, that provided for us and taught us about God.

Did you ever ask Mom or Dad -why? And the answer was -Just because I said so? Maybe at the time we did not understand but later in life we find ourselves being so thankful that they knew what they were doing. I really don't know where I would be today had they let me have the say so.

Mom was busy 'tending to the needs of six children and the house and whatever needed to be done. But she was never too busy to stop and discipline her little brood. One time, one of my brothers picked up an apple in the store. Mom marched him right back and made him tell the manager what he had done.What was a little ole apple, anyway? Nothing really - but restoring this apple was building character in him.

Good character is one thing that we need to instill in our children. We can raise them right and spend our lives trying to instill true character. But if they make wrong choices - we at least know we have done our best.

Good morals is another thing we try to instill in them. There were certain children that we would not let our children hang around because of bad morals. The old saying "Birds of a feather flocked together" is so true. I only walked to town with several girls when I was a teenager. One girl, that I did not know, talked so vulgar that I was shocked. Later I found those words going through my mine. I decided right there and then that I did not want to be one of those birds.

I always say - that we grew up in the good ole' days. We did not have the things to allure us like our children did as they were growing up. In this day and time there are even more things to draw children away from the home and church. The devil is bidding high for their souls.

Children cannot entertain themselves in this day and time. All they seem to know is T.V. characters. Moms, keep a watch over what your children see! The little innocent story may be good, but what about those commercials that are so vulgar? That can undo the time you have invested in them to do right.

Make the home a safe environment for them.

I always felt safe as a child because Daddy was there to protect us. That was in the days that we had no air conditioner, just attic fans. We slept with the door open and only the screen door between us and the elements out there. No worry, Daddy was there. (Sorry Dad, if you were still with us I would have to lock the doors now.) But not then!

Dad would give me advise in such a way that I did not know that he was trying to guide me in a certain direction. I am so thankful for that, for I may have lost my way spiritually and no telling where I would be today.

Discipline your children in love.

Mom always used a switch. I think she probably called that switch "love" because she sure kept it close by. When "love" was used on me, my feelings at the time were she doesn't love me. I remember going behind the house and crying and wishing I was dead. She would surely feel sorry for me then! I'm sure she knew where I was - but she didn't come looking for me. After awhile it wasn't any fun going behind the house and feeling sorry for myself.

Teach your children to work.

We had certain duties to do. Since I was the oldest girl - it fell my lot to learn to wash dishes. If I did not do it right - I would hear "March yourself right back in there and do it right."  Work did not hurt us and it won't hurt your children. When our son was about 5 years old his duty was to get the garbage out. He and the girls always had certain duties. Did they always like them? No, but we were trying to teach responsibility.

Teach your children manners.

We we not allowed to use swear words. Or get an attitude! We were taught respect for those older than us. Be polite! Oh, how important it is to teach our children good manners.

Teach them the Bible.

Take them to Church and Sunday School.  Mom gave us a verse to memorize for the week. Nothing long, but it was the scripture. I remember my older brother saying that he could not do that. Smart aleck that I was - I learn two verses that week. His and mine! For some reason I don't remember what my verse was, but I never have forgotten his. And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. (Deuteronomy 6:5)

I know now that my motive was wrong. -just to show up big brother

But can someone tell me how do you ask the Lord's forgiveness for learning His Word? I guess it wasn't the learning of the Word but my haughty spirit.

Read to your children.

Oh for the days when lunch was over and I lay down with my three children and read to them. They would fall asleep and I would have a little spare time or fall asleep myself. But I cherish those days; I always rocked my baby to sleep at night. That was my special time with the baby. In this day and time Mothers do not take time to rock their babies. Oh, I was talking about reading, wasn't I? Oh well. reading and rocking go together.

Be careful what you say for children listen.

Every time I changed my son's diaper I would pat him on the behind and say, Now then. I did not even realize it until one day he said his first two words together. Know what they were? Now then!

There is so much in training children. They mimick what they hear!

I know I made plenty mistakes. I wish I had the knowledge then that I have now. Would it really help me? Probably not, I might not make the same mistakes but I would make other ones.

When we had our first grandchild, Bridget Denise - I kept her while her Mom and Dad worked. I read and played and sang and had a good time. By the time she was 18 months old she could quote part of the books of the old testament. (Genesis -Esther.) Not all children learn that young but she seemed to pick things up early. It us never too early to start repeating things to your children. I realize as other grandchildren have come along that I have a responsibility to them also. To be a good influence in their life. To pray for them and love them.

I know this writing is nothing profound - but just little things along the way.

By Aliene @meditationsandmemories.blogspot.com


  1. This was such a good post! This quote below is so very true for me...
    "I know I made plenty mistakes. I wish I had the knowledge then that I have now. Would it really help me? Probably not! I might not make the same mistakes but I probably would make other ones."
    Isn't that the truth!? Hindsight is 20/20, but no matter how much we learn from previous mistakes, there are always new mistakes to be made. We are human...there is no parent who will do everything perfect...we do the best we can with what we know, and we pray that God makes up the gaps. All the Lord asks is for us to be faithful in serving him, to stay in his word, to be an example, and to lift our children up in prayer....then the rest is up to them.
    The other day our pastor talked about people who say, "You don't know what my parents did...you don't know what that church did....you don't know how badly I've been treated...." His answer...."GET OVER IT!!"
    My answer....AMEN!!

  2. Thank you Aliene...yes a good post and thoughts about raising our children. Such a great responsibility that children once grown finally appreciate.

    I agree Deb...Get Over It. Even one of my children for a time...made it sound like he had such a restricted life. Right...went to camp...went on a trip around the USA...always had food on the table, a warm bed..a nightly hug...etc. He is thankful now for his Christian home life!

    No we are not perfect...but we sought the LORD in all our ways to be HIS and with his grace...we did it. One of my girls so sweetly said..Mom, if any of us go astray...we do know the TRUTH and we know where it is..you gave it to us.

    Thank you for sharing these thoughts Aliene.


  3. A great post. As a mother of four young children I am working hard everyday to train them not just raise them. They are my greatest ministry.


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