Frugal Decorating Tips: The Bedroom and Bathroom

Welcome back to part 3 in our frugal decorating tips series.  If you missed the first two installments, you can find their links at the end of this post.

We're closing out this series with probably the two easiest to decorate rooms in the house.

The Bathroom
There is no need to buy expensive decorative shower curtains. One idea is to purchase some fabric on sale or a pretty flat sheet and buy curtain clips. Curtain clips are so easy to use! Of course, you will have a shower curtain liner to keep on the inside of the tub or shower. You can always use fabric glue or stitch on decorative edgings to the fabric or sheet. Do the same for the bathroom window. One thing I have done is buy two cotton curtain panels and sewed them together to make a shower curtain. It was easy and the panels I found at a white sale were cheaper than a shower curtain.

I've read where you can take bathroom towels and add decorative edgings and use for throw rugs. And you can braid towel strips into pretty rugs. So easy to keep clean, just throw them in with your other bath towels. Watch those colors, you might end up with psychedelic colored items!

Remember to hang a nice mirror over the vanity, if you don't already have a medicine cabinet (you shouldn't store medicine in the bathroom, anyway). You could put a decorative fabric edging on a mirror or even a medicine cabinet that has seen better days. A hint here: When cleaning your mirrors, always spray the cloth or paper towels; do not spray directly on the mirror, as this can run down and behind and cause problems. Haven't you seen old mirrors that start getting black spots showing? Moisture is the reason.

Don't forget that greenery touch, whether real or fake. Use a basket for storing rolled up towels and face cloths. I personally do not like using tank and seat covers. It's just a pain to me when cleaning. Since everyone's taste is different, if you like them - use them.  Put your toothbrushes in a jar or pretty drinking glass. Don't forget to clean it out frequently, it can get gross in the bottom! You can buy pretty soap dispensers for $1 at the dollar stores.

The Bedroom

Same here with using fabric and sewing skills or a pretty sheet for curtains and those curtain clips. You'll need to get some type of curtain rod to hang up, but those can be purchased fairly inexpensive also.

One thing I did in our house was to have my husband remove the old bi-fold closet doors and the tracks. Then he hung a plain wooden curtain rod and I used a very pretty white sheet with decorative trim and hung it up. Now when I want to look in my closet, I just slide the sheet back. I did this in one other room, but used store-bought curtains that I had to hem a bit shorter. If you don't like the look of your furniture, paint it or sand and stain it! Being frugal usually takes some work and definitely time. How about learning to make a quilt for your bed? (I need to learn this skill!) Don't forget the greenery and pictures to hang on the walls.

I realize this is just scratching the surface without a lot of how-to details, but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I also realize there are some things in your home that you would be better off saving your money and purchasing some good quality made items, such as your bed frames and mattresses. (You want a good night's rest from all this work you're doing!) It's also nice to have one or two really good pieces of furniture to sit on. Take a look at your local Salvation Army or Goodwill stores for furniture. You might be surprised! Do a little homework on how quality furniture is made, then you'll know what to look for.

Remember, being frugal is not being cheap. You are being wise in handling your finances and not going into debt over things. Keep in mind the many families in this country and around the world that are living on so much less than we can even imagine. I truly hope this series has given someone a few ideas to create a prettier home for you and your family.

Just a few more ideas for frugal decor changes to help you save money.

Upcycled Pitcher with Chalkboard Paint  from Ann's Entitled Life

DIY No Sew Throw Pillows from Reuse Grow Enjoy

Shabby Chic Display Shelf Makeover from  Happy Deal Happy Day

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