Featured Post: The Miracle Of Homeschooling

 Today's featured post is from Michelle at Mid-Life BloggerMichelle and her husband live on a homestead in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks. She grew up as a city girl but always dreamed of living in the country. That dream came true about nine years ago. On her blog, Michelle shares what she has learned over the years about homesteading, gardening, homeschooling, and faith. She now invites us to follow her into the next phase of her life as an empty nester.

Michelle shared this post with us: The Miracle Of Homeschooling

Experience of a veteran home school mom

There’s often a push for legislation that would require homeschooling parents to be certified teachers. I think the assumptions behind it are that only certified teachers are capable of teaching children, and that a student’s learning ability is limited by what the teacher knows. I want to share through personal examples, scripture, and research, why they aren’t true, and why I’ve begun to think of it as “the miracle of homeschooling.”

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  1. Thanks, Michelle! I really enjoyed this article. Great encouragement for parents who are considering homeschooling, but doubt their abilities as teachers. Teacher is the last thing I ever wanted to be...but here we are in our 30th year of homeshooling, and my kids have learned things I know nothing about!


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