Featured Post: 5 Ways to Prioritize Your Marriage

Today's featured post comes from Rosanna at Extraordinary Everyday Mom. Rosanna is wife to Bernd, and Mom to BJ, Nea, and Dilly. She lives in Manitoba, Canada, and her passion is to encourage and inspire us to live the extraordinary everyday life that God has called us to.

Rosanna shares this post with us: 5 Ways to Prioritize Your Marriage

Ways to prioritize Your Marriage

When my husband and I were newlyweds, we spent nearly every spare minute together. We just loved to be together all. the. time. I’m sure you weren’t any different.We both worked prior to having children and every evening was spent together doing yard work, watching t.v., going for walks, going out together and so on. It was blissful, really.

Enter children and the launch of our own businesses, spare time became a lot less. These days, I homeschool our children and stay at home with them. I also help my husband with his business ventures. My husband, Bernd, works long hours and here are many 8 plus hour days, well as late nights.

At the beginning of Bernd’s business journey, I complained A LOT.

I always had this dream of him just working a standard 40 hour week and being home EVERY night. He is home most nights, but those nights include work. That wasn’t quite my newlywed picture.

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