Featured Post: How Do Your Children Grow? Ways to Pray for your Children and Grandchildren

Today's post is from Ellen at Joyful Abundant Life. She is the wife and bookkeeper to an HVAC man, mom to 4, and grandma to 19. We can all have a joyful abundant life through Jesus Christ. 

Ellen shared this post with us:

How Do Your Children Grow? Ways to Pray for you Children and Grandchildren.

Parents, how do your children grow? Are you praying for them to grow physically and spiritually? Here are some important ways you can pray for your children and important truths you can instill into their minds and hearts. As I read daily Scriptures on the birth and life of Christ this month, it was so thrilling to see what the Holy Spirit impressed upon my heart.

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  1. Thank you Ellen, for sharing those specific ways to pray...seems to be something God is showing me lately...that I need to be more specific in my prayers.


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