Featured Post: The Best All Natural Fridge Cleaner and Deodorizer

Today's post is from Nadine at Making Her Mama. She is follower of Jesus, SAHM, THMer, and homeschooler to four boys. She loves to garden and is a wanna be homesteader. She even LOVES organizing.

Nadine shared this post with us:

The Best Fridge Cleaner Recipe - All Natural Ingredients

Who likes cleaning out their kitchen fridge? Well, okay, I kind of do, but it’s not so much that I enjoy cleaning my fridge. It’s more that I appreciate a clean fridge. And nothing works better than this fridge cleaner recipe!

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  1. While I don't clean my fridge nearly as often as I should, I do appreciate natural cleaners! We go through gallons of vinegar here!

  2. Me too!!! Love vinegar and it's so versatile and cheap!!!! I'm learning more about using essential oils with it too!!!

  3. Vinegar is the only thing my tech will let me use on my CPAP. I am so glad I have that resource!

  4. We use lots of vinegar here too. I like the idea of the lemon in it and am going to try it.


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