What To Do When You're Snowed In

 We hope you enjoy this post from the archives, originally posted in November, 2011. In going through the many posts we have to choose from, this one seemed particularly timely.

There are several fun things to do when you're snowed in. We have spent some great times together as a family while snowed in. First, you have to make sure that you have a well stocked kitchen in case of inclement weather. When the weather man announces snow for the southern states, you can expect the bread and milk section at the grocery stores to be rapidly depleted. But everybody knows that when you are snowed in there are some essential items to have on hand. 

Snow Day Ideas

 One of these items is hot chocolate. Whether you are an instant hot chocolate person or an old-time "grandma recipe" hot chocolate lover, you just have to have it or you are certain to get a severe case of cabin fever. So I guess that would be a start for a list of things to do. From here on I'll make a list.

What do you do on a snow day?
  1. Enjoy hot chocolate with loved ones. Click here for one to try: 
  2. If you're tired of hot chocolate, make hot cranberry tea. Click here for one to try: 
  3. Play board games like Monopoly, Bible Trivia, Life, etc.
  4. Play some card games like UNO, Spoons, Pit, Rummy, Crazy Eights, or Old Maid.
  5. Bake and decorate cookies.
  6. Play Bible pictionary.
  7. Put a 1000 piece puzzle together.
  8. Have a family Bible study.
  9. Spend some extra time in prayer.
  10. Put on your favorite music on and get a head start on spring cleaning.
  11. Play Bible charades.
  12. Build a snow family or snow sculpture, or dig a snow tunnel if there is enough snow.
Now, it's your turn! How about sharing some of your favorite things to do on a snow day.



  1. We're used to snow here in Manitoba, so we're used to digging our way out of the snow...or blowing it out. Now and then though, we do get snowed in enough that we have to wait for the snow plow to come and clear the road for us to get out. Thanks for the great list!

  2. You would be amused at what we
    Southerners do when it snows. Snow is a novelty for us. It sure gets everyone out of the house to see these flakes coming down. Everyone tries to make a snow man out of a gallon of snow. (If you can scoop up that much!) It is mixed with straw and sticks and starts melting before you get through.

    Maybe we would say herein the South:
    What to do when you are rained in.
    Watch the alligators float! lol

  3. Cut paper snowflakes for decorations.
    Catch up on correspondence.
    Read a book aloud.
    Make treats for other shut-ins and deliver them, if possible.
    Check up on elderly friends.
    If church is cancelled, hold a meeting in your home and invite closest neighbors, whether they are churched or not. (You get amazing responses.)
    Although we hardly ever get enough snow, you'd be surprised at how crippling a frew inches can be for us, since highway departments cannot justify the expense of snow-removal equipment. But walking still works, for the able-bodied, and many are terrified of falling and do appreciate a visit. :)

  4. We have nasty weather again, with high winds...fortunately no new snow and the sun is shining...so as long as I stay inside, I'm cozy and warm! Thanks for sharing some ideas.

  5. We've had cooler temperatures lately. But today and this weekend we will be up in the 70's again. While I love winter weather, I'm thankful for another winter in Georgia.


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