Welcome to the Christian Ladies Network. We're so excited to be back, and we're looking forward to our upcoming relaunch! 

  Our goal at CLN is first and foremost to glorify God in all that we do. Second, we endeavour to be an encouragement to our members, and to our readers. We hope your time here results in growth; spiritually, personally, and in your individual blogs. We each have something unique to offer, and each of us also has our own needs and goals. When we  support each other, we all benefit.

Encouragement, Support, Growth

    Please check out the tabs at the top. About CLN will give you a little history about how we started and who were are. Join Our Network is where you'll find our membership requirements, a link to our Statement of Faith, as well as our CLN badge, and category list. Please be sure to add the badge to your blog sidebar before requesting membership. Once it's in place, contact us through the form on the sidebar and let us know what category you would like your blog to be listed under.  Write For Us provides members with the information you need to submit a guest post, or to join our team as a regular writer. Through the Word is a Bible memory challenge and link up that is open to anyone who wishes to participate.

  Something new that we didn't have in the past is our CLN Face Book Group for bloggers. Back in the old days, most of us weren't yet on Face Book, so we communicated more on our blogs. I do miss that, but I also see the many benefits of Face Book, especially a closed group where people are more able to communicate openly. We hope the CLN group will help us reach our goals of encouragement, growth and support. We also have a CLN Pinterest Board where members can pin their blog posts. Both of these can be accessed through the links in our sidebar.

  To get us started, we've updated some of our archived posts, and will continue to feature these periodically. We hope you enjoy getting to know some of our original writers through these posts, and appreciate their writing as much as we do.

  We're so glad you've found your way here! We're enjoying renewing old acquaintances and meeting new friends. We value your input, so please let us know how we can best help you.

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