My Heart for the Christian Ladies Network {from Lori}

I came to know Deb about 9 years ago after starting my blog Frog’s Lilypad. My family had moved across the country to plant a church in western Montana. I sought for online encouragement from other ladies with the same principles. I was hoping to find encouragement from other missionary wives in the same boat as I was in. After searching through the Blogger profile pages; I found Deb at Lyric Devotions and her blog roll group.

Reading the many blogs of women who were striving to live for the Lord opened a door for me. Through the years I made friends with many of them. I rejoiced with them at the birth of a new baby or the marriage of an older child. I wept with them at the loss of a loved one or when a soldier husband was deployed. I also was given the same support from these ladies.

My Heart for the Christian Ladies Network

The Lord permitted a change to take place with the group. With good intentions, the site had a new owner. Changes can be good, but not in this case.  Many of those faithful blogging friends dropped out of the online world for various reasons. There are few who I am still in contact with; while not as many as in the beginning days, they are still around needing support and encouragement, just like me.

With the old site in neglect, I continued visiting. Each time I read an article or saw the weeks that went by without any new encouragement, I was heartbroken. It took just a few months to damage what several years had done in growth for writers and readership. I sent Deb a message on Facebook about trying to get the site back.  I sent a message to the one who took over asking if she would turn it over to me. Going back and forth for several weeks, we retook the old site hoping to revive it at the end of 2014. After spending a month looking at it and contacting all the bloggers who were once members, everything was put on the back burner.

March 2016, I live streamed a Pastor’s and Worker’s Conference. Two of the pastors who spoke were men our family knows. One being a pastor’s child grew up with my brothers until his family left for full-time evangelism in the 70’s. Of all the sermons I heard, one  stood out and it came from that long time family friend.

In the sermon, it was pointed out how our churches and Christians have changed because of the existence of the internet. Not that there is anything wrong with the internet, just that we now have a world of false doctrines at our fingertips; infiltrating our homes at a more rapid speed. He explained that many think because of the title Pastor or Christian is in the name of a ministry it’s okay to listen to them or read their materials. He’s even had some of his church members quote a certain pastor to him. A pastor who has severe doctrinal differences than what is found in the Bible. Christian women bloggers were mentioned. Many of these women are known to be teaching the new age movement described as new methods of teaching the Gospel.  Christians are now staying out of the church because they can get their teaching from these websites. While Satan has been at work for many years to lead astray any Christian who is willing to go, it is more common to see nowadays all because of the internet.

Having a Burden

My heart was burdened over what I heard. I knew as a conservative Christian woman blogger, this pastor was telling the truth. I’ve shared my heart several times on my own blog with no real response from readers. But those who are sharing a false doctrine has thousands of people sharing their words. I began to pray for the Lord to show me what I can do to help others who are seeking encouragement and truth.

After a year and a half, Deb spoke up about the Christian Ladies Network again. I knew then, this is what the Lord would have for me.  I don’t know what the outcome of CLN will be. I don’t know if we will grow to a large site or if we will stay small and personable. The Lord knows, and as long as I am around, I will share the truth and encouragements will be given for those who are seeking more in life.

If you are a blogger and have a heart for getting the truth to those who are seeking it, I invite you to join us.  If you are looking for blogging help, or willing to help other women bloggers, you are invited to join our Facebook group. When you ask to join, please make sure your blog/website link is where we can find it on your Facebook page.


  1. Thank you for sharing your heart, Lori! I'm so glad we got to know each other in the early days of our blogging, and that you never gave up on the CLN. I don't know where this will lead either, but the Lord does, and as long as we keep him as the focus, and do all to his glory, that's all that matters.

    1. Thanks, Deborah. I know you have a heart for the CLN also. I pray the Lord gets the glory for the site.

  2. Thank You. I often went back and visited the old site and always went away disheartened. I was really just getting to know a few when it sort of fell apart. So glad it is coming back together.

    1. I"m glad too, Ellen. Thank you for joining us.


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