Featured Post: Three Lessons I Learned From a Robin's Nest

Today's featured post is from Lori. She's been married for 18 years and is Momma to a mighty fine teenager who thinks it's awesome she has to look up at him. Lori is a Georgia Peach with a love for BBQ and sweet tea. She's a self-taught knitter and after eight years she finished her first afghan. When she is not caring for her family and knitting, she is blogging at Frog's Lilypad

Lori shared this post with us:

Three Lessons I Learned From a Robin's Nest

For the past several weeks, I have really enjoyed watching a robin’s nest. From the building of the nest to the nesting and caring for the babies, it has been a really neat lesson learner. Sadly, this bird used her motherly instinct and built the nest about nine feet up in the tree outside my laundry room window.  FOUR FEET OUT OF MY REACH! My husband went out and snipped a few stray branches so I could get a better view of the family. I even learned some LESSONS FROM A ROBIN’S NEST


  1. Sounds like Lori has a nice husband since he was willing to cut the branches for her. When my son grew taller than me, I liked looking up at him too.

  2. I love how we can see life lessons in the everyday things around us.


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