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 Today's featured post is from Deborah, at Lyric Devotions, where she shares her songs, devotions and bits and pieces of her life. Deborah has been married to Brian for 36 years, and is Mom to eight kids, by birth and adoption, and grandma to sixteen. She began homeschooling in 1987, and has just over seven years to go until her youngest daughter graduates! She loves the Lord, her family, and her five dogs. You can also find her blogging at Manitoba Gardens, where she and her blogging partners share a little of everything, from garden and scenic tours, to DIY projects and recipes.

Deborah shares this post with us.

I Will Exalt Him

While reading through the Book of Numbers, I came across a portion of scripture that I had read many times before, but suddenly saw in a whole new way. It’s where Moses is telling God that he is not able to bear all these people alone. (Numbers 11:12-14) After all, he did not conceive them, nor did he give birth to them, and yet it seemed that God was asking him to be a father to these people who more often than not acted like a bunch of whiny kids.

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  1. Thank you for that wonderful reminder of God being with us. I regularly leave my comfort zone when I go to volunteer, and I always pray and ask for Him to be with me and work through me. I did that while homeschooling, too.

  2. I need that reminder on a regular basis, Michelle! When we lift up his name, and recognize that we can't do it alone, we're able to go on in HIS strength.


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