Reach Out to Others

We hope you enjoy this post from the archives, posted December, 2014.

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature ( Mark 16:15).

The study of world history is an interesting study. One theme weaves through time and that is during all time, people have worshipped something, whether the true God, a god, or a man. The Old Testament tells us that many times, Israel left serving the one and only true God to worship false gods of the nations around them. Each time God had to take action to bring them back to him.

Mark 16:15

  Long ago, the monks built monasteries (fortresses) up high in the mountains to live in so they could keep evil influences (people) away from them. They lived by a set of rules and studied about God. Everything they observed in nature, they related to God through analogies.

Psalm 91:2

They re-lived the past over and over in their studies and discussions, while looking to the end time when they would be with God. We can thank these men that they copied the Scriptures and other books again and again, preserving them for us today. 

But, did they reach out to the outside world? It seems as though they were not trying to reach people with the true gospel. 

Are we doing any better today? Do we ignore the world around us as we have our fellowships among our own Christian family? Or are we inviting others to come and experience the blessings with us so they can see the way of salvation in our lives and by our words?

Dear God, Help me to remember to reach out to my neighbors and other people I meet along life’s way, so we can see more people accept Jesus as Savior. Amen.



  1. Very well said, Belinda Jo. Sometimes we get swept up in our own lives we seem to forget our true calling - sharing the Gospel with others.

  2. Amen! Nice to hear from you Belinda Jo. It's been a long time. :)

  3. Very nice post and great reminder. I'm so thankful God preserved His Word for eternity.


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