We Don't Have to Fear When the Wind Blows

March.... the windy month is here! It’s the month for flying kites and for not worrying about your hair staying in place when you go outside!

We Don't Have to Fear With the Winds of Life Begin to Blow #faith #encouragement

Pleasant Words are as an Honeycomb

Have you ever said something to someone and then wished the ground would just open up and swallow you? What your brain seemed to be saying was not quite what came out of your mouth. And of course when the words are spoken you can't exactly take them back. We all have had that to happen at some point.

Pleasant Words: Are your words as a honeycomb?

Cooking in Tough Times - 4 Frugal Websites to Help You Save $

Many are facing tough times financially. But you don't have to hang your head in despair trying to find ways to save money while keeping your family fed. Today, we're sharing 4 frugal websites to help save you money.

Who Are We Following?

I love that Facebook gives us memories from previous years. Sometimes these memories take us back to difficult times, but can also make us thankful for where we are today. Six years ago, I shared this.

God or men?