Always Be a Child

When I think on the song "Always be a Child", I am reminded of my father and how I saw him as my hero, my friend, and my protector. I looked up to him. I realize that not everyone can say the same about their father. Some have been abused mentally and physically by their father and I cannot for one minute comprehend what life must be like for them. What they must have felt knowing that the abuse they suffered was at the hand of someone who should have been there for them protecting them and taking cared of them. The joy they should have known taken from them so that all they knew were tears, heartache, and cruelty. I can’t comprehend it at all.


Budgeting: Cleaning and Laundry Style

Welcome to the final installment of our Budgeting Series. This has been a short series dealing with saving in the kitchen, heating, and now with cleaning and laundry. There are many ways to save money, but these three areas are the biggest money guzzlers we all have problems with.
Budgeting Series: Laundry and Cleaning Style l

When Mamas Prays

As Christian mothers, it is our responsibility to pray for our children. Even before they are conceived, our children should be prayed for because God hears our prayers. No matter what stage of life they are in, they need our prayers. Wonderful things can happen when Mamas Pray.

When Mamas Pray l

Budgeting: Heating Style

Welcome to the second installment of our Budgeting Series. Last week we shared Budgeting: Kitchen Style. Today we're talking about ways to keep your house warm that help in saving money.

Budgeting: Heating Style l